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Hello Parents, Players and Coaches,
        My name is Vic Scotese and I am excited to be the new President of Perkiomen Valley Boys Lacrosse Club.  As many of you know, long time President Randy Sims retired at the end of this season, I will have some big shoes to fill.  I wanted to introduce the new board that was elected earlier this month.  All of the Board Members have been involved in youth lacrosse in some capacity for a number of years.    We have seen and been involved in a number of programs and participated in a variety of capacities.  One thing we have in common is our passion to have a successful program which allows our players to learn, grow and refine their lacrosse skills, learn teamwork and commitment.
MaryAnn Boyd – Vice President
Ben Minardi – Vice President
TBA – Treasurer
Diane Filopanti – Secretary
         Even though the spring season has just ended and many are in the midst of summer teams, vacation and relaxing, we are already planning for next year.  One thing we are committed to as a Board of Directors is open communication and we’d like that to start with this note. 
       The club is involved with all aspects of boy’s lacrosse at PV from the youth level through the high school teams and has a different role for each arm of the club.  We hope the attached information will be a great beginning to give you the information you need for our next season.  It will be upon us before we know it.
Communication is vital to the success for any program.  To keep communication open, we plan to have monthly parent meetings during the season starting with a preseason meeting.   We also just launched a new website: www.pvboyslax.com. All of the Board Members are committed to the program and easily approachable should there be any questions or concerns.   

         It was great to see all of the boys and families at our end of season banquet.  We hope those of you who were there were able to enjoy some down time with the people you’ve spend time with on the field.  It‘s nice for the boys to get together as well.  The PV Boys Lacrosse Club has had their banquet in the cafeteria most years, this year we moved to Skippack Pool.  Some parents and players have asked why the banquet is not in a banquet hall or restaurant as it is with some of other sports teams.  The venue of the banquet is solely dependent on the funds raised by the Club.    Each year we have the opportunity to change the venue and it will be evaluated annually based on the funds available.  We are also a pretty large group which also needs to be taken into consideration.  We’d love to have a banquet committee if anyone is up for the task! 
        Hopefully the information provided in this communication will answer many of the questions you have.   Be sure to check out the website.  It will be updated regularly.   We will also communicate via email throughout the off season as needed.  We recently held our first meeting as a new Board and we are excited to plan our next season and further development of the club.  Enjoy your summer!!!!! 
          The Youth Club is currently 5th through 8th grade.  We, as a community, have a growing number of boys who love to play lacrosse.   This program is meant to be a feeder program for the high school program.  Some facts about the Youth Program:

Season starts March 1, 2012
         Registration will begin on or about October 10th and end around Mid-January.  The fee’s will cover the player’s uniform (which the player will own), referee fees, end of season banquet, player awards , 8-12 regular season games,  pre-season and end of season tournament as well as a Us Lacrosse Membership.

         Volunteers:  the opportunities to volunteer are endless:  Spirit Wear Coordinator, Snack Stand Coordinator, Snack Stand Volunteers, Age Group Directors, Coaches, League Reps, SEPYLA Reps, Team Parent,  Marketing, Web Master, Fundraising Coordinator .  Each family will have the opportunity to volunteer or pay a volunteer fee.
Coaches and Assistant Coaches:  We are in need of coaches and assistants at all levels.  We will train anyone.  All you need is interest and enthusiasm!
       We are also looking into providing a Parents Lacrosse 101 class.  Sometimes frustrations can brew when there is a misunderstanding of the game or a call and maybe we can alleviate some of this as well as when parents have an understanding they can better help their child be successful.
        The High School Division is comprised of the JV and Varsity Team.  Currently there is not a  9th grade Boys Lacrosse team.  Unfortunately, there are only so many playing spots in the high school division.  We would like to expand the club if there is interest to give those boys not playing on the high school team an opportunity to continue to play.
The PV Boys Lacrosse Club acts as the booster club for the High School Division and collects dues from each player.  Many have asked what the dues are for if this is a high school team.   Most if not all of the high school sports teams have booster clubs.  The booster club helps take some of the burden of the extra jobs of the coach so he can spend his time coaching and developing the team.   Examples of how PV Boys Lacrosse Club has been able to help the High School Division include: purchase of extra practice balls, the end of season banquet and awards, stickers for player helmets, funding for the senior scholarship, senior gifts, game film for the coaches and player bags.   Players who have paid dues are also able to get a significant club discount for speed and agility training. 
    We would love to see a snack stand at each home game and especially on nights in the stadium.  We would love to have a parent volunteer to coordinate the snack stand donations and volunteers to man the snack stand.  Parent involvement is just as important at the high school level.  Volunteer opportunities at the high school level include the snack stand as mentioned, but also could include timekeeper, banquet planning, spirit wear coordinator, etc.